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Re: How to add logo and hyperlink in the title?

Hi Anton,

Yes you can customize the html pages of the LAS6.1 : these pages are made with the "velocity template" by the LAS. The "velocity template" (*.vm) are in the directory $HOME_LAS/las_servlet/jakarta/webapps/las.
For example, if you want to change the banner of the pages of your LAS, you can modify $HOME_LAS/las_servlet/jakarta/webapps/las/VM_global_library.vm and put some link or logo.
If you want to change the lower part of the pages of the LAS, you can modify $HOME_LAS/las_servlet/jakarta/webapps/las/DefaultLayout.vm.
You can see our LAS at http://las.aviso.oceanobs.com.
If you want to know more, you can ask me.


At 12:57 20/06/2003 +0800, =?big5?B?QW50b24gQ2hlbiBcKCCzr6XDqfogXCk=?= wrote:
Dear LAS user:

The LAS6.1 can moidfy the title in the server/ui.xml, however, I don't know how to add logo and home hyperlink in the title section such as the below LAS site:


Anybody know how to do it?

Thanks a lot.


Tony Jolibois
CLS, Direction Océanographie Spatiale
Département Produits et Services
8-10 rue Hermes,
31526 Ramonville-St-Agne, Cedex, France
Email: tjolibois@cls.fr
Tel: (+33) (0) 561 393 797
Fax: (+33) (0) 561 393 782
Internet: http://www.cls.fr

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