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Re: doc link missed when using category


I don't know if it's a bug or a feature, but that's indeed the way the interface currently works. This feature/bug is scheduled to be fixed in a future release.

I get the idea from your messages to the group you might be game for a little behind the scenes procedures to make this work. So, if you feel like doing a little database hacking you can associate documentation (to be linked under the "more...") with any or all of your categories.

I've used this procedure successfully with one of my LAS installations (http://www.cdc.noaa.gov/coads-las/servlets/dataset), but as with all such advice use at your own risk. Actually, the risk is pretty small because if things get messed up, just do your genLAS.pl again to restore the interface to it's previous state. Which also points out one of the downsides of this hack, in that it disappears into thin air if you run genLAS.pl after making these changes.

Adding documentation links:

Determine which database is associated with the LAS in question.

1. Fire up the mysql command line interface from your Unix prompt.
% mysql -u MYSQL_USER_NAME -p -h MYSQL_HOST las
mysql> select * from map;
| urlid | path
| dbase |
| zseVsyztjBRBvop66n3bCA | file:/lore1/www/httpd-test/htdocs/coads/las/server/las.xml
| las0 |
| Lb4imASZURb/bFcteLP9yA | file:/lore1/www/httpd-test/htdocs/lasServers/lasAgServer/server/las.xml
| las2 |
| 6pRHmu9rewpIJccQZCL/MA | file:/home/www/httpd-test/htdocs/lasServers/lasAg/server/las.xml
| las2 |
| aJ9d3KMZ/GYVOgdNqbgVGg | file:/home/www/httpd-test/htdocs/coads/las/server/las.xml
| las3 |
| olAQRgNx8XV8zj0NVuP0Og | file:/home/www/httpd/htdocs/coads/las/server/las.xml
| las4 |
| SX/uXhpyjq08YdKoJI8HVg | file:/home/www/httpd/htdocs/lasServers/lasAg/server/las.xml
| las6 |
| c5/p/SKOaKA9bX2EAXE+hg | file:/lore1/www/httpd/htdocs/lasServers/lasAg/server/las.xml
| las6 |
| QB3KyBsl7TLONcXL/e9QYQ | file:/home/www/httpd-test/htdocs/lasServers/lasRean/server/las.xml
| las8 |
| 9izTXbWHv0p+JiNlFZKTng | file:/lore1/www/httpd-test/htdocs/lasServers/lasRean/server/las.xml
| las8 |
| 9tuvk+i7ar2igZXPNxOqnA | file:/lore1/www/httpd/htdocs/coads/las/server/las.xml
| las4 |
| +pzQYH5y6AteMdlt67zLHg | file:/home/www/httpd-test/htdocs/las/server/las.xml
| las10 |
| xZvzfh/hHBCHFv/UlM3eaw | file:/home/www/httpd-test/htdocs/coads-las/server/las.xml
| las11 |
| iNX2/leL5REWv7iTdjDStg | file:/home/www/httpd/htdocs/coads-las/server/las.xml
| las12 |
13 rows in set (0.01 sec)

2. Pick out the database that matches the configuration file to which you want to add documentation links. (las12 in my case).

3. Switch to that database.
mysql> use las12;

4. Hover your mouse over the category link in the user interface to which you want to add documentation and get the id.

5. Insert the id and documentation url into the MetaData database table.

mysql> insert into MetaData (parentid, docurl) values (ID_FROM_STEP_4,"http://server.gov/documentation_link";);

6. Reload the page in the LAS UI and if everything worked, you'll see an 'i' icon with a "more..." link on the page behind the 'i'.

As I said all these change vanish when you regenerate the interface. And it's pretty tedious so it's not a general solution, but it does work for adding info links to a few important categories. Other than that, fixed in a future release.


Bob Yu wrote:

I happen to find that when using category feature, the url link for dataset document is no longer displayed. The link appears as ("more...")  in the window that popups when click on "i" mark.

Is this a bug (v6.1)?
(Bob) Yunyue YU
Code 971, Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, MD 20771
(301)614-6850  yuy@nemo.gsfc.nasa.gov

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