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Re: Problems about ferret command "set axis/modulo "

Chi wrote:
Hi Jonathan and everyone
I found a problem with ferret command "set axis/modulo". I have a 3D netcdf file,
the longitude are west and are defined as longitude = -30, -29.5, -29, -28.5, -28, -27.5, -27;
If I don't use "set axis/modulo" command, just set region using
set region/x="-27.5"/y="6.5":"11"/z="-200":"-1"/l=1, then everything is fine
However, I found that the LAS generated ferret script called set axis/modulo to setup longitude as modulo, then it used set region/x="332.5"/y="6.5":"11"/z="-200":"-1"/l=1, but it didn't return the
correct data/image at the longitude -27.5, which is what I needed.
I remembered that some perl source code of LAS said that since ferret won't process
negative west longitude well, then LAS automatically convert it to positive east-wise
value. However when I manually called ferret script to process my data using negative west longitude, everything was fine. It was the "set axis/modulo" command who caused me problems.
Anybody can help me about this? Or How can I configure LAS not to use "sex axis/modulo"?
Thanks a lot, Ding

Hi Chi,
We've got there the same prolem, and "set axis/modulo" is called from las/server/Ferret.pl

#grep -n -A 3 "set axis/modulo" Ferret.pl
583: my $comm = "set axis/modulo `" . $var .
584- "[d=" . $dexpr . "],return=xaxis`";
585-# $self->command($comm);
586- }

so I've commented $self->command($comm);
But what are side effect ? there is probably a better way to do.


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