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Re: Question about netcdf file


I just took a look at your server and your problem is only that the region of valid data is tiny compared to the global image map.  There is some logic in the applet code that does a 'snap-to-grid'.   This means that you will be
unable to position the map tool exactly where you want it when the map applet is highly zoomed.  The solution is to create a custom map for your small area of the globe.  You may wish to make it a little bigger so that folks can see
a little bit of Africa and Brazil to orient themselves.  Or perhaps use an image that has a graticule.  Instructions on how to add a custom map are here:


-- Jon

Chi wrote:

> Hi there
>     I have a 3D netcdf file (lat/lon/depth) and it works perfectly with LAS. The longitude range is from 30.5W to 27.5W, the step is 0.5.
>     Then I did a test. I used "ncdump" to dump the netcdf file, changed the longitude to from 30W to 27W, the step is still 0.5. Then I added it into las.
>     My question is that when I made a slice out of the modified dataset at 27W, should it return the same image/data as 27.5W at the original dataset? They have the same index in the longitude dimensions, so I guess they should.
>     Anybody can help me about this?
>     Thx, Ding

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