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Re: Q: how to used Analysis menu/map defined in ui.xml?


Do you have a visible LAS where I can look at your current setup?

LAS v6.1 has some analysis capability built in and that's what you may be seeing.

If you copy las/etc/LASinfo.pl to las/server I'll be able to query it for your xml files and better help you debug.

LASinfo.pl is described very briefly here:


-- Jon

Bob Yu wrote:

Hi LASers,

I am trying to add my operations (such as average, max, min) onto the LAS. I noticed that in ui.xml there is DefaultAnalysis menu map that defined such operations. Where and how those operations are applied? How can I use them ?


(Bob) Yunyue YU
Code 971, Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, MD 20771
(301)614-6850  yuy@nemo.gsfc.nasa.gov

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