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Re: How to proceed with already interpolated 3D data?


It might be worth doing the following in Ferret just to make sure it can read and plot your data.  I always like to check before installing a dataset in LAS.

jaguar callahan> ferret
        FERRET v5.51
        Solaris 5.8 - 02/28/03
         8-May-03 15:23

yes? use coads_climatology
yes? show data
     currently SET data sets:
    1> /home/ja9/tmap/fer_dsets/descr/coads_climatology.des  (default)
 name     title                             I         J         K         L
 SST      SEA SURFACE TEMPERATURE          1:180     1:90      ...       1:12
 AIRT     AIR TEMPERATURE                  1:180     1:90      ...       1:12
 SPEH     SPECIFIC HUMIDITY                1:180     1:90      ...       1:12
 WSPD     WIND SPEED                       1:180     1:90      ...       1:12
 UWND     ZONAL WIND                       1:180     1:90      ...       1:12
 VWND     MERIDIONAL WIND                  1:180     1:90      ...       1:12
 SLP      SEA LEVEL PRESSURE               1:180     1:90      ...       1:12
yes? shade airt[l=1]

In your case you'll want to replace 'coads_climatology' with 'YOUR_DATASET'.  Then just specify one of the variables names to the 'shade' command and be sure to choose which K or L index to slice along.  If you get a nice plot then you're ready to install the data into LAS.

-- Jon


Chi wrote:

Hi all ferret users
     I have some  3D scattered point data to put into LAS.  I picket one of them as sample,  did 3D interpolation on it with MatLab. After that  I  cut one slice of the interpolated and gridded data, contoured it nicely with ferret.   Then I realized that I was in a stage to choose how to proceed.
     Should I convert my interpolated 3D data into COARDS compliant netCDF format, and then add dataset, regenerate the user interface by following the instructions at
http://ferret.wrc.noaa.gov/Ferret/LAS/Documentation/manual/install.html#Installation_AddingDatasets?  Is this approach the best way to finish my problem?
   Is necessary for me to learn how to use ferret to interactively choose data scope and create output image? I 'm guessing not since what I've known so far by reading LAS documentation indicates that as long as my data is 3D gridded and saved as COARDS compliant netCDF format, I could skip ferret as ferret is hidden behind las and everything will be handled well by LAS.
   Is my understanding correct? Any suggestions or information will be highly appreciated.
   Cheers, Ding
Ding Chi
Research Staff
Oceanography Department, Dalhousie University
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Phone (902)494-3655

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