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Re: LAS 6 Output Options: Open New Window?

On Thu, 10 Apr 2003, Jonathan Callahan wrote:

> Steve,
> This enhancement is already a part of the internal release of LAS v6.2 which I
> will be testing and debugging over the next several weeks.  

Thanks for reading my mind Jon.  I installed it and it is just what I

For those who haven't installed it yet, the option isn't in the "Output
Options" section. It is at the bottom of the Output page labeled: "Send
all plot output to new window".  By looking at the source of this page I
found that it was setting a variable called new_output_window to true.
This can be set when you first go to LAS if you put it in the URL like:


it would set this variable for the whole session.  Since I have a page
that redirects to the las6 Tomcat server anyway, I just added this in to
the redirect and it did what I want.  Presumably there is some place in
LAS that would allow me to set this variable to true to start with (any
hints Jon?).

> Steve Cousins wrote:
> >> (the Go button doesn't seem to work any more)

This isn't right.  I was equating it with the old "Get Data" button.
Sorry about that.

As far as testing it out, the only thing that I've seen so far is that the
version on the plots still says LAS 6.1.  Let's hope that is the only
"problem" there is. :0)

Thanks for putting this latest feature in.  I think it makes LAS 6 much
more usable.

Best Regards,

 Steve Cousins                 Email: cousins@umit.maine.edu
 Research Associate            Phone: (207) 581-4302
 Ocean Modeling Group
 School of Marine Sciences     208 Libby Hall
 University of Maine           Orono, Maine 04469

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