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Re: HTML Meta Tags in XML


LAS v6.x uses servlet based templates for the user interface.  In the
las/server/ui.xml file you can add a title to the UI through use of the
'title' attribute in the 'lasui' tag:

    <lasui title="Your Title Here">

However, other customizations must appear in the Velocity templates used
by Tomcat.


The templates that are used by Tomcat are found in


These files are copied over from the source directory when you initially
configure LAS


The top level templates are


Taking a look in those you'll see they include a bunch of other
templates with the #parse(...) directive.  You should probably put your
meta tags in a separate file and incorporate them with a #parse(...)

In LAS v6.2, out in April, you'll be able to specify custom template
headers in a 'categories.xml' file.  Hopefully, your needs will be met
by this LAS v6.2 customizability.

-- Jon

Robin Kovach wrote:

> Hi,
> Since my LAS is off a government server I'm required to have
> certain HTML Meta tags and a privacy disclaimer on the first
> page. I'm assuming I need to edit the /server/ui.xml file but
> my attemps so far has failed. Has anyone done anything like
> this or know of a good web resource where I might learn how?
> Thank you,
> Robin Kovach

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