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Looking for help about profile data

Hi there
   Sorry to send this letter again since I forgot to
attach my data file.
   I have an example insitu profile data  attached. It
is in ascii format and only contains three fields,
"Longitude","Depth" and "Percent PAR". I'm following
the instructions in Ferret user's guide
) to config Ferret to process it.
  I'm currently reading Chapter 8, "WORKING WITH
SPECIAL DATA SETS". But I have problem understanding
the example jnl file in Section 3.2 "Getting profile
data into ferret". Could someone give me any hint
about building an example jnl file to process my
attached insitu data ?
  Another question is that has anybody dealt with
insitu data using SQL database? I got suggestions from
Jonathan to use SQL database for my insitu data,
however I don't know how to config Ferret to handle
SQL database after spending some time learning 
ferret.  My understanding is  that ferret only handles
gridded data, no matter ascii format or netcdf format.
Even Chapter 8 of ferret user guide says that ferret
is able to handle profile data, we still need to
either choose a Z axis and use linear interpolation or
choose a Z axis which is superset of the Z axis points
from all of the grids, eventually we still use gridded
format. Is my understanding correct?
 Many thanks in advance. Any suggestion will be highly
 Ding Chi 

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Description: 3D PAR File.csv

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