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Re: Mac plugin that *may* enable Macs to use the LAS applet

Hi Harry,
Unfortunately the LAS that serves our upwelling index is still version 5, which is why you get the the bad version page. I could disable that page, but according to Roy Mendelssohn (he may write you directly) who works here and has become somewhat of an expert on which browser/operating systems work with LAS on a Mac, the only really good way right now to use the LAS with OS X is to use Netscape 4.x in "classic" mode. If you are stuck, please contact me and I'll either disable the bad version page or get you the upwelling index data you need. Lynn

Jonathan Callahan wrote:

Hi all,

I did a bit of Googling today and found many references to the following
plugin developed at Apple.  I don't have a system to test on but it
looks like this is supposed to address the JavaScript to Java issues on
Mac browsers.  It would be extremely helpful if someone could test this
plugin for us.


Also, I ran into a few comments that the HotJava browser does the
JavaScript to Java communication correctly on Mac browsers.

-- Jon

I'd like to help - I'm running OS X 10.2 with Safari, Netscape 7 and Mozilla all loaded. I've also installed the above plugin.

However, the data I'm after - Upwelling Index at PFEL - can't be accessed because when I try the link on this page:


I get the Bad Version page:


Which seems to switch automatically if you're on a Mac. I guess I need a link straight to the data, so I can disable the applet?

First post so apologies for any cultural goofs


Ian "Harry" Harris
Climatic Research Unit
University of East Anglia
Norwich NR2 4HG
United Kingdom
Lynn deWitt


Pacific Fisheries Environmental Laboratories
1352 Lighthouse Avenue
Pacific Grove, CA 93950-2097

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