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install difficulty with las_6_1_0_2.tar.gz

> Hi all,

I currently tried to install LAS 6.1.02, but met some difficulties.
Attached is some configure output. Would please someone  help me?  I use
HP_UX  Machine.

Thanks a lot!


----- some of the configure outputs -----
Searching for perl...
Location of perl executable [/usr/contrib/bin/perl]:

Starting Perl configuration script with /usr/contrib/bin/perl...
Searching for required Perl modules...

The following Perl modules haven't been installed:
Do you want to build these modules (this can take up to thirty minutes)
? [yes] yes

Choose installation type: [1] 2

We'll need a user name, host and password to test
installation of the MySQL DBD::mysql driver.
Looking for mysqladmin program...
MySQL user name: [root]
MySQL password: []
MySQL host: [localhost]

Now building and installing Perl modules...
Building and installing DBD-mysql-2.1017...
        rm -rf mysql.c *.xsi ./blib Makefile.aperl
ralibs.all perlmain.c mon.out core core.*perl.*.? *perl.core so_locations
_blib *.o *.a perl.exe mysql.bs mysql.bso mysql.def mysql.exp
        mv Makefile Makefile.old > /dev/null 2>&1
Note (probably harmless): No library found for -lmysqlclient
Multiple copies of Driver.xst found in:

at Makefile.PL line 286
I will use the following settings for compiling and testing:

  cflags        (mysql_config) = -I'/usr/local/mysql/include/mysql'
  libs          (mysql_config) = -L/usr/local/mysql/lib/mysql -lmysqlclient
sl -lm
  nocatchstderr (default     ) = 0
  ssl           (guessed     ) = 0
  testdb        (default     ) = test
  testhost      (Users choice) = localhost
  testpassword  (Users choice) = Bob  testuser      (Users choice) = root

To change these settings, see 'perl Makefile.PL --help' and
'perldoc INSTALL'.

Checking if your kit is complete...
Warning: the following files are missing in your kit:
Please inform the author.
Using DBI 1.23 installed in
Writing Makefile for DBD::mysql
cp lib/DBD/mysql.pod blib/lib/DBD/mysql.pod
cp lib/DBD/mysql/INSTALL.pod blib/lib/DBD/mysql/INSTALL.pod
cp lib/DBD/mysql.pm blib/lib/DBD/mysql.pm
cp lib/Mysql/Statement.pm blib/lib/Mysql/Statement.pm
cp lib/Bundle/DBD/mysql.pm blib/lib/Bundle/DBD/mysql.pm
cp lib/Mysql.pm blib/lib/Mysql.pm
        gcc -c
RISC1.1-thread-multi/auto/DBI -I'/usr/local/mysql/include/mysql'
RCE=199506L -D_HPUX_SOURCE -L/lib/pa1.1 -DUINT32_MAX_BROKEN -mpa-risc-1-1
 -fno-strict-aliasing -I/usr/local/include -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE
ITS=64 -O    -DVERSION=\"2.1017\"  -DXS_VERSION=\"2.1017\" -fPIC
b/5.6.1/PA-RISC1.1-thread-multi/CORE  dbdimp.c
cc1: warning: changing search order for system directory
cc1: warning:   as it has already been specified as a non-system directory
In file included from dbdimp.c:29:
dbdimp.h:31:49: mysql.h: No such file or directory
dbdimp.h:32:49: errmsg.h: No such file or directory
In file included from dbdimp.c:29:
dbdimp.h:116: parse error before "MYSQL"
dbdimp.h:116: warning: no semicolon at end of struct or union
dbdimp.h:122: parse error before '}' token
dbdimp.h:151: parse error before "MYSQL_RES"
dbdimp.h:151: warning: no semicolon at end of struct or union
dbdimp.h:164: parse error before '}' token
In file included from dbdimp.c:29:
dbdimp.h:201: parse error before '*' token
dbdimp.h:204: parse error before "MYSQL_RES"
dbdimp.h:208: parse error before '*' token
dbdimp.h:209: warning: data definition has no type or storage class
dbdimp.c:128: parse error before '*' token
dbdimp.c: In function `ParseParam':
dbdimp.c:137: `slenPtr' undeclared (first use in this function)
dbdimp.c:137: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
dbdimp.c:137: for each function it appears in.)

a lot more ...

dbdimp.c:2018: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type
dbdimp.c:2018: warning: passing arg 3 of `mysql_dr_error' makes pointer
from in
teger without a cast
*** Error exit code 1

a lot more ...

NetCDF.xs: In function `XS_NetCDF_inquire':
NetCDF.xs:1825: parse error before '(' token
NetCDF.xs:1829: `rd' undeclared (first use in this function)
NetCDF.xs:1829: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
NetCDF.xs:1829: for each function it appears in.)
NetCDF.xs:1829: warning: passing arg 4 of `ncinquire' from incompatible

NetCDF.xs: In function `XS_NetCDF_varinq':
NetCDF.xs:1962: parse error before '(' token
NetCDF.xs:1967: warning: passing arg 7 of `ncvarinq' from incompatible
*** Error exit code 1

Searching for required Perl modules...

Installation of following modules failed:

You need to install these modules by hand

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