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Re: Looking for example of how to make LAS process non-grid data

Take a look at these two LAS's to see if they are similar to your needs at all. They are both based on time series data. The first is time series of California Fish Landings at six California ports:


The second is temperature vs depth and time collected by elephant seals along their tracks:


If either of these are similar to what you need, I can share my xml files with you. Lynn

At 11:55 AM -0400 2/26/03, chi wrote:
Dear LAS users
  Does anyone have experience of putting non-grid data into NetCDF and make
LAS process it?
  I read LAS6.0 documentation and took a look at the sample NetCDF data.
Unfortunately the sample data are gridded, which is different with my in-situ
  I'll highly appreciate it if someone could provide me their example of how
to make LAS process non-grid data. Any sample non-grid NetCDF data or XML
configuration file will be very helpful.
  Thanks a lot.

  Ding Chi
Lynn deWitt


Pacific Fisheries Environmental Laboratories
1352 Lighthouse Avenue
Pacific Grove, CA 93950-2097

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