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Re: Mac plugin that *may* enable Macs to use the LAS applet

Hi Jon,

Is there any information about the Mar 19-21 meeting? I have booked the
ticket and now hope to have detail info about the meeting, such as
schedule, speakers, fees, ect.


Bob Yu

Jonathan Callahan wrote:

> Hi all,
> I did a bit of Googling today and found many references to the following
> plugin developed at Apple.  I don't have a system to test on but it
> looks like this is supposed to address the JavaScript to Java issues on
> Mac browsers.  It would be extremely helpful if someone could test this
> plugin for us.
>   http://homepage.mac.com/pcbeard/MRJPlugin/
> Also, I ran into a few comments that the HotJava browser does the
> JavaScript to Java communication correctly on Mac browsers.
> -- Jon

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