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Re: * * * Announcing LAS version 6.1 * * *

The new analysis capability is great. We can now produce graphs of
global means and maps of 10 or 30 year means from a single dataset.

However the "View in new window" option in the output doesn't work
(tried both IE under Windows and Mozilla under linux). I get errors
about accessing a page that doesn't exist.

This feature did work properly in LAS 6.0.

The page source has
<a href="" onMouseOver="status='View in new window';return true"
   onClick="newwin=window.open('$item.getUrl()', '',  ......

$item.getUrl looks like the name of a perl function rather than its

A further note is that the konqueror browser (part of KDE) running under
linux works fine with LAS 6, including the java applet.


Martin Dix

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