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* * * Announcing LAS version 6.1 * * *

           * * * Announcing LAS version 6.1 * * *

Version 6.1 of the Live Access Server is now available from the LAS
downloads page.


Please try out this new release and contact us with any problems you

What's new in release 6.1?

New features

- Analysis capability (average, min, max, sum, variance) with ocean
and/or land masking.
- Outputs can be redirected to a separate window for the duration of the
LAS session.
- History list in inverse chronological order.
- LAS automatically fails over to utilize non Java user interface style
if an error is detected when loading the Java map applet.
- Configurable LAS title
- LAS search results extended to > 50 items
- You may configure distinct timeout intervals on the data server for
each variable.
- Improved visualizations when selecting two variables from the same

Bug fixes

- Use fully qualified hostname of MySQL server (rather than localhost)
used to avoid problems with JDBC connections to MySQL on RedHat 7.3.
- LAS data server didn't correctly handle one-step time axes
- If a user selected a variable that had, say, a XYT set of axes and
selected a XY view, and then selected a variable that only had a T axis,

then the Constraint page for the second variable was incorrectly
initialized. The UI now checks to make sure that a variable contains all

of the axes for the set view before initializing to that view;
otherwise, it defaults to the first view available for the variable.

You may download LAS from the following page


Updated installation and configuration documentation is available at:


For a list of systems on which the server has been tested, please see:


You can view the 6.1 server in action by going to:


Source code for LAS (java, Perl and JavaScript) is included in the
tarball. The latest snapshot of LAS is also always available via
anonymous cvs (see the installation documentation for more info). LAS
version 6 requires that MySQL be installed on your server.


    Joe Sirott
    Jon Callahan
    Joe Mclean
    Steve Hankin

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