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Re: sister server on las v6 with category

my suggestion is for las v6 on this issue

 keep the previous configure option  genLas2.pl -d ../ui  las1.xml
<las2.xml>, <las3.xml> .... as the host is only using the sister's apache
server.. it will be easier for people who want to combine restriced and open

> hi jonathan & other las members,
>    i have been trying to combine my two las v6 servers into a single one
> interface (via sister server).   it seems working fine..but with a
> option configuration.. it shows two identical data selection entry...  but
> one works for all data on host server.... but the other works only from
> of the sister's...
>    help me if you know how to improve this... otherwsie it will certainly
> confuse users..
> for now i leave this silly looking las v6 to show you guys.. ... how
> i am...  without the sister package..  it was really nice catelog...
> you may not be able to access ecmwf data which is restriced by data vendor
> http://apdrc.soest.hawaii.edu:9090/las_v6/servlets/dataset
> regards,
> lao shen

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