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Re: LAS6.0 installation problem

Ding Chi,

Everything you describe is normal for LAS installation.  To your question at the end:  No, the LASserver.pl file is not located in the 'las-output' directory.  It is located in the 'las-bin' directory and puts files in the 'output' directory'.  If you think there has been some mix-up you might copy the las/config.results file to some backup name and run through the configuration process again.  Accepting the default suggestions is always the best way to proceed unless you know you need something changed.

I just tested your data server by using the 'ls.pl' utility located in las/server/ and described here:


It shows me that your data server is running fine:

stout.pmel.noaa.gov webuser> ls.pl  http://palapa.ocean.dal.ca/las-bin/LASserver.pl
stout.pmel.noaa.gov webuser>
It looks like you have run into a common problem associated with the /etc/hosts file and described here.  (This URL drops you into the middle of a mail thread at the point where the problem is fully described.)


If this doesn't solve your problem, please get in touch again.

-- Jon

chi wrote:

Hi there
   I'm  new to the LAS6.0 system. I installed LAS6.0 today but coudn't make it
work. My system is Red Hat 7.3 and all my operations were on it.
   First, I edited the ferret_paths file and used "source" command to set the
environment variables for ferret.
   Second, I ran "configure" and chose to install the sample datasets. During
this process, everything seemed OK except the "No such files" warning
information in the last step ( to change ownership of files).
   Then I followed the instruction to add two lines into my apache config
   At last, I started the tomcat server by executing "startserver.sh". I
believed it worked since I can get the tomcat home page by accessing
   Everything so far was ok. However, when I accessed
http://palapa.ocean.dal.ca:8080/las/servlets/dataset using Mozilla, there was
no response. All I saw was just a blank page. I switched to Netscape, it
complained that " The document contained no data, try agian or contact the
   Then I added datasets and also called "make" to regenerate the user
interface, but still failed.
   There is one thing I 'm curious about. During the configure process, one
step is to specify the path name the Web client will use when accessing LAS
server output. I just chose the default value, and the script's choice is as

Enter path name for the LAS server output: [/las-output]
The full path to LAS output is:

    In the apache configuration file, "las-output" is defined as below
Alias /las-output/ /home/local/las/server/output/
    However, I didn't find LASserver.pl under the desired directory. Is this a
    Thanks a lot in advance. Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.

    Ding Chi

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