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LAS6.0 installation question

Hi there
   I'm  new to the LAS6.0 system. I installed LAS6.0 today but coudn't make it 
work. My system is Red Hat 7.3 and all my operations were on it.
   First, I edited the ferret_paths file and used "source" command to set the 
environment variables for ferret.
   Second, I ran "configure" and chose to install the sample datasets. During 
this process, everything seemed OK except the "No such files" warning 
information in the last step ( to change ownership of files).
   Then I followed the instruction to add two lines into my apache config 
   At last, I started the tomcat server by executing "startserver.sh". I 
believed it worked since I can get the tomcat home page by accessing 
   Everything so far was ok. However, when I accessed 
http://palapa.ocean.dal.ca:8080/las/servlets/dataset using Mozilla, there was 
no response. All I saw was just a blank page. I switched to Netscape, it 
complained that " The document contained no data, try agian or contact the 
   Then I added datasets and also called "make" to regenerate the user 
interface, but still failed.
   There is one thing I 'm curious about. During the configure process, one 
step is to specify the path name the Web client will use when accessing LAS 
server output. I just chose the default value, and the script's choice is as 

Enter path name for the LAS server output: [/las-output] 
The full path to LAS output is: 

    In the apache configuration file, "las-output" is defined as below
Alias /las-output/ /home/local/las/server/output/
    However, I didn't find LASserver.pl under the desired directory. Is this a 
    Thanks a lot in advance. Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.

    Ding Chi

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