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Using AJP connector with LAS 6.0


I read Joe's description for using the mod_proxy and ProxyPass for eliminating the port number from the LAS 6.0 URL. But, not having a mod_proxy built and being too clever for my own good I decided to see if I could get a similar effect using mod_jk and the AJP Connector.

Everything worked fine once I set it up. Apache sent along URLs of the form -- http://www.foo.gov/las/servlets/dataset to the tomcat running on a different port. Most of the user interface looks fine and the links through the various category hierarchies all work, but there is a problem with the relative references to images and LiveMap.jar in the resulting HTML pages.

Has anybody else made this work? Is there an easy fix? Is anybody interested in the issue enough that I should send more details? Is there any reason (besides the obvious that it doesn't work) why this method of running LAS 6.0 should not be used?

Roland Schweitzer
NOAA-CIRES Climate Diagnostics Center
325 Broadway (R/CDC1)
Boulder, CO 80305-3328
.... (303) 497-6249 .... (303) 497-7013 FAX .... rhs@cdc.noaa.gov ....

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