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A few tips to enhance your LAS

Hi all,

In recent conversations with a few LAS installers, I've come to realize
that some of the improvements in recent releases of LAS are not being
widely used.  So this email is to encourage you to make the most of the
tools that are provided.

Tip #1) If you're not using addXml.pl and xml includes, you should.

The addXml.pl script is quite robust in the recent release and can
access both DODS and local files.  You should use it with the
'--out_inc' flag to create separate xml files for each dataset.  See the
FAQ at:


Tip #2) LAS v6.0 allows you to present your data in categories.

If you have many datasets or several different classes of users you
should probably be using the catalog.xml file to organize your data into
meaningful categories.  See the FAQ at:


That's all.  Happy holidays!

-- Jonathan Callahan

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