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Re: more browser behavior

I have no trouble with Mac OS 9, Netscape 4.7, and LAS 6 unless you don't let the map applet load fully the first time you make a request. If you don't let it load, regions don't always update (ie you get a plot of the same region no matter what). This isn't normally a problem.

I had Roy Mendelssohn try LAS 6 in OS X. In classic mode with Netscape 4.7 everything seemed to work fine. However in regular OS X mode with just about any browser he got the same results as Joe W. From the map applet page, no matter what you do, you always go back to the applet page instead of getting output. He had the java console window open while using the LAS and gets java errors from the map applet (if you're interested we could do some runs and send you the errors). It doesn't help to turn the map applet off. Lynn

At 4:29 PM -0800 12/18/02, Joe Sirott wrote:

I tried this with both Mozilla and IE on Windows and Mozilla on RedHat 7.3 and it works. Someone with a Mac will have to verify this behavior. Any takers?

At 03:44 PM 12/18/2002 -0800, Joe Wielgosz wrote:

Browsing the COADS Climatology dataset, if I use the back button from an image to the Constraints page, then try to select a different view, I am immediately sent back to the identical image. This occurs in both Mozilla and IE (versions + platform as previous).

- Joe

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