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Re: hard-coded url in final image

This is an Apache configuration problem. LAS uses the CGI environment variable SERVER_NAME to set the hostname part of the URL, and I believe that you can set what this will be in the Apache configuration file. Not sure exactly what this is, but isn't there a ServerName directive in Apache?

At 02:35 PM 10/15/2002 -0400, Charlton Purvis wrote:
Hi there:

LAS 6.0.

Is there any way to get around having the real machine_name.domain_name
appear on the Output image page?

<img border="0"

Our LAS server has a registered alias, say alias.org, and I'd prefer the
alias to be the only interface the user made w/ our box.

So I'd like the above image source to read:

<img border="0"

I have made the appropriate rewrite changes in the httpd.conf to take
care of url redirection, but I cannot force LAS to use the machine's

I put our alias as the full domain name during ./configure, but I still
get the real machine's name on the Output page.


Charlton Purvis

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