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LAS configuration/Ferret installation problem - please help!

Hello LAS users,

All of the LAS users, must have also done Ferret installation in order to 
configure LAS. I am having difficulties with the same. I have 
installed/removed/installed FERRET 3 to 4 times yet but all in vain.

I am able to customize ferret fine. But When I run the LAS configure script, 
the LAS configure script complains that ferret executable is not recognized as 
an executable...whereas it clearly is. I recently tried installing ferret 5.41 
but again got the same response.

Any help/ideas/suggestions? will be appreciated...........

Naveenta Anand,
MEDS, Fisheries and Oceans Canada.
Phone - 613-991-6940.

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Hello LAS users:

I am having great difficulty with LAS installation. If anyone can help, please
send me suggestions/comments.
I installed LAS 5.0 on my Compaq dec Unix box
I installed all the perquisite softwares as well	as follows:
1) Ferret 5.4
2) Apache 1.3
3) Perl 5.6.1
4) Expat XML parser 1.95.2
5) netcdf 3.5
6) netcdf for perl  5.003
7) Missing CPAN modules (I installed all modules manually as

I am having difficulty configuring LAS through its configure script. It fails
to recognize the ferret executable and says that the file I am pointing to is
not ferret executable. Whereas it is!!

I reinstalled ferret but am having difficulties now configuring ferret_dsets
and all sorts of thing. I am thinking of wiping away everything and
reinstalling/reconfiguring the whole environment. I am just hesitant about the
existing CPAN modules. I just don't want to redo those as it took me a lot of
time doing them one by one.

Any comments?

Naveenta Anand
Software Engineer
Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Ottawa.
Phone: 991-6940

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