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Re: LAS spatial resolution

Hi Jon,

We have one set up at one degree N-S and 1.2 degrees E-W.  We haven't had
any problems with the Java applet.  I don't remember having to do anything
special to get it to work.


 Steve Cousins                 Email: cousins@umit.maine.edu
 Research Associate            Phone: (207) 581-4302
 Ocean Modeling Group
 School of Marine Sciences     208 Libby Hall
 University of Maine           Orono, Maine 04469

On Mon, 15 Jul 2002, Jonathan Callahan wrote:

> Mike,
> The applet is supposed to adjust it's snap-to-grid spacing as the area
> displayed by the image decreases.  The smallest resolution is 0.002
> degrees of latitude or longitude.  Unfortunately, this is not a settable
> parameter.  I have not tried this functionality out recently and cannot
> guarantee that it works for very small regions.
> Has anyone else out there experimented with small area map images?
> -- Jon

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