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RE: LAS spatial resolution

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LAS gurus,
Some time ago I tried using LAS and the livemap applet on a 1 deg x 1 deg area (Monterey Bay) for some high-resolution data and found that the default pick settings for the applet did not allow fine enough selection for the data in this small area.  Is this an adjustable parameter somewhere?
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I'm using LAS and Ferret to display grids as large as 5400 by 10800 and even 21600 by 43200 (though not in their entirety). I am able to display the full region of the 5400 by 10800 grid (subsampled by Ferret) by adding -memsize 127 to Ferret_config.pl and changing my $timeout = 120; in CLC.pm. I don't think I can display the full region of the 21600 by 43200 grid without creating a subsampled browse image.



Jonathan Callahan wrote:

There are no restrictions on the resolution although there are realistic
limits to the total grid size.  We have some satellite datasets that are
1024 X 1024 points and these are often subsampled to allow rendering in
a reasonable amount of time.  Available memory may also limit how large
a grid may be processed.  You should also note that it is possible to
use the LAS interface with a different visualization package.

Kent Hathaway wrote:
> LAS looks like great for delivering gridded.  Is there a limitation on
> the grid size.  For example,will it work with grid scales like 1x1m
> over say a 1x1 km region?  Most of the sites I visited were on more
> of a global scale with ~1 degree Lat/Lon grids.

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