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I'm a pre-user of LAS, and am in the midst of installing it.  Our system
doesn't have MySQL yet, so I'm installing that also.  

The MySQL installation instructions are pretty daunting, with mention of
servers, clients, enabling ports and passwords.  Most of it seems
irrelevant if LAS is the only user of MySQL.  Then there are security
issues.  The LAS page links to a page that discusses those, but assumes
the reader already knows a lot about MySQL, which I don't.

Has anyone worked out a minimal installation of MySQL that enables just
what LAS needs?  Is there a How-To?

Thanks in advance,

Elizabeth L. Dobbins
Research Scientist
phone: (206) 526-4581

"Various forms of jiggery-pokery were used to suit 
horses to courses."  -- Michael Burleigh

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