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Re: LAS/Ferret Image Display Issue


These lines are found in lasxml/server/jnls/draw_2d.tmpl.

        ppl %range 'PPL$ZMIN' 'PPL$ZMAX' 30
        ppl set PPL$RANGE_INC2 'PPL$RANGE_INC' * 2

Ferret uses the PlotPlus package to do graphics.  After a plot is
created in memory by PlotPlus (after a 'PLOT/.../set ...' command to
Ferret), certain parameters are available to the user as "plot plus
symbols".   These can be used to modify or further annotate and decorate
the plot before the graphic is actually generated.

The fact that LAS is complaining about these symbols not being found
means that PlotPlus didn't generate the plot.  There must be something
that happened further up in the output of GenericLAS_debug.txt that
identifies the problem.  The best way to debug is to extract all of the
lines of GenericLAS_debug.txt that begin with 'yes? ' and run Ferret

I can't guess what happened to your plot from here.

-- JOn

Mark A Ohrenschall wrote:
>   Symbol not found
>   %range 'PPL$ZMIN' 'PPL$ZMAX' 30
>           ^
>   Symbol not found
> Hello,
> What do the above messages mean (gotten from
> log/GenericLAS_debug.txt)? This message corresponds to requesting a
> GIF from LAS and seeing only the NOAA/PMEL TMAP Ferret Ver 5.40 logo
> at the top and nothing else (not even a data set or variable title).
> Thanks,
> Mark

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