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problem with vector plot in LAS

Hi, Jon and Friends,

I have this problem with vector plot:

LAS behaves incorrectly if more than one var is specified within
<composite> ... </composite>, such as in the *.xml on my server:

        <Vec units="M/S" name="Velocity Vector (10 day)" js="VecVariable">
         <link match="../../variables/Uave"/>
         <link match="../../variables/Vave"/>
        <Vec_mean units="M/S" name="Velocity Vector (mean, multi-year)"
         <link match="../../variables/Uave_mean"/>
         <link match="../../variables/Vave_mean"/>

The LAS server url is http://eyre.jpl.nasa.gov/las.
Please check last few entries (velocity vector) under
the first dataset menu "Assimilation (Adjoint) 1997-2000".
The first vector plot entry works oaky. But all others,
if selected, complain about "variable unknown".

Thanks a lot.


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