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Re: Regenerating User Interface/Update Database

Hi Robin,

It looks like you don't have write access to the ../ui/jsconfig directory. 
Try using chmod to change the directory permissions and try again. Note: 
the HTTP server process should *not* have write access to this directory, 
as this makes the server potentially vulnerable to hackers.

At 12:31 PM 12/13/2001 -0500, Robin Kovach wrote:
>I have been running LAS on our mohawk server for some time now until we 
>to run it from a different server. So after the reinstall I am getting an 
>that I didn't have previously. The difference in this install is that we 
>to use the "Customized Directories" and the ./configure -compare option.
>The working server is at http://mohawk.gsfc.nasa.gov
>The new (not working server) is at http://nsipp.gsfc.nasa.gov
>The error comes when I try to regenerate the user interface and update the
>database. I haven't made any changes to the default las.xml file that 
>comes with
>install (to serve the COADS and Levitus).
>Nothing comes up in the error or access logs either.
>I've done a 'diff' on the mohawk genLas2.pl and the nsipp genLas2.pl and
>everything is the same.
>../xml/perl/genLas2.pl -d ../ui las.xml
>DB login name: [root]
>DB password: []
>ExternEnt (XML::Parser::Expat=HASH(0x1401b71f0),las.xml,operations.xml)
>Generating dataset COADS Climatology
>Couldn't open output file ../ui/jsconfig/config0.js at ../xml/perl/genLas2.pl
>line 69, <STDIN> chunk 2.
>Thank you,

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