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Re: how to specify plot range in LAS?


I'm assuming you're talking about a range of values and not ranges along

You should use "Fill levels" to do this.  The syntax is explained if you
put your mouse over the '?' for "Fill levels" on the Options page.

A specific example would help if I'm not answering your question.

-- Jon Callahan

Zhangfan Xing wrote:
> I have not figured out how to specify plot range in LAS.
> This is needed when data has a few bad values
> (either too large or too small). Without the ability
> for user to specify wanted plot range, the output
> plot is skewed (by bad values) and featureless.
> I have tried "Contour levels" and "Fill levels" under
> "Options" button, but neither seems to allow me do so.
> Thanks,
> Zhangfan

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