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Re: comparison failes for Yearly averaged data sets


I have solved your problem by fixing a bug in Ferret.pl.  I made changes
based on our most recent version of Ferret.pl.  This most recent version
will not work with the LAS release you have but you should be able to
use the results of 'diff' to make the appropriate changes to your
version of Ferret.pl.

I've attached a 'diff' page from our web interface to CVS.  The line
numbers won't match up exactly but I hope you can find the points to
insert/delete pretty easily.  The newer version is on the right hand


Let me know if you get stuck.

-- Jonathan Callahan

Zhangfan Xing wrote:
> Hi, Jon,
> I am having this new problem:
> "comparison" fails for Yearly averaged data sets.
> My yearly averaged data set is at
> http://eyre.jpl.nasa.gov/las
> "simulation (c20010701)" => "sea surface height (yearly mean)"
> LAS will display for each year (specified as string) as "single variable".
> But, if the "comparison" button is selected, LAS refuses to display
> differeces to itself and to any other datasets. The error is:
> Illegal region
> You specified a time or depth value that is outside the region contained
> by this dataset.
> The yearly averaged dataset is available at
> http://jpl.ecco-group.org/datasets/c20010701/
> Check for a file called Have_yearly_mean.des.
> Yes, it is defined as a collection of multiple netcdf files
> in the same directory (./y????/Have_yearly_mean.cdf).
> Thanks,
> Zhangfan

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