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Re: LAS 5.0 installation on Redhat 7.0


thanks for your quick reply. The Las server is up and running. Well,
not quite with the data sets I want there, but the problem in question is
solved. It turned out to be a conflict between the perl modules
LWP::UserAgent and URI::URL. I presume others may experience similar
problems, so I repost a message from the comp.lang.perl.modules newsgroup
, which solved the problem. My perl versions are :
CGI 2.56 
CGI::Carp 1.14
Cwd 2.02
Date::Calc 5.0
Date::Manip 5.40
Digest::MD5 2.09
File::Basename 2.6
Getopt::Std 1.02
HTML::Parser 3.25
LWP::UserAgent 1.100
MD5 2.01
Storable 1.013
Template 2.06
Time::JulianDay 99.061501
URI::URL 5.02
XML::DOM 1.35
XML::Parser 2.30

Here is the bug fix:

>From: ___cliff rayman___ (cliff@spamless.genwax.com)
>Subject: Re: Error running make_test of mod_perl
>Newsgroups: comp.lang.perl.modules
>View this article only
>Date: 2001-08-21 14:13:24 PST 
>i got this to work.  my method is ugly.  i noticed everywhere that
>URI::URL  was being used in mod_perl and embperl, LWP::UserAgent
>was being used.

>also, i found this is the LWP (libwww-perl-5.5395) release notes:

>    HTTP::Request, HTTP::Response will by default now use "URI" class,
>    instead of "URI::URL", when constructing its URI objects.  This
>    has a potential for breaking existing code as URI::URL objects had
>    some extra methods that external code might depend upon.

>so - i performed this patch in (perlsitelib)/(perlversion)/LWP:
>--- UserAgent.pm.orig   Thu Aug  2 14:12:56 2001
>+++ UserAgent.pm        Tue Aug 21 12:09:24 2001
>@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@

> package LWP::UserAgent;
> use strict;
>+use URI::URL; # make mod_perl and others happy
> =head1 NAME
> LWP::UserAgent - A WWW UserAgent class
>looks like the next version of mod_perl and embperl will need
>to be patched:
>'use URI::URL'


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