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We have had only limited success with accessing HDF or HDF-EOS data via
DODS.  I don't remember if addXml.pl worked in these cases.  Sometimes I
have resorted to using Ferret to access a single slice out of a DODS
available file and save it as a .nc file.  You can then run addXml.pl on
the saved .nc file to generate most of the .xml file you'll need.  It's
not that difficult to create the grid for a remote file by hand but I'll
be the first to admit that creating the .xml for a file with a large
number of variables is tedious.

First you need to make sure that Ferret can access and utilize the DODS
URL you are interested in.

-- Jon

Long Pham wrote:
> Jonathan,
> It seems that the addXML script only works with netCDF files.
> Can you recommend a way of adding DODS HDF or HDF-EOS data
> format?
> Thanks,
> ~ Long ~

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