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You had a couple of questions that I'll rephrase and try to answer here:

1) How do I get the grid associated with a DODS file?

2) How can I use addXml.pl to add a DODS file?

1) The answer to 2) is one way of getting the answer to 1) but there is
another answer as well.  We have created a number of xml files for DODS
data we're aware of.  You can find a whole bunch of .xml, .jnl and .des
files in the following directories:


2) If you have a recent version of addXml.pl (LAS v5.0 or higher) you
should be able to pass a DODS URL to it.  If you are in the directory
lasxml/server/ you can type:

../xml/perl/addXml.pl --out_inc ../xml/perl/template.xml

This will create an "includable" xml file for you.  For more information
on xml includes see:


I hope that helps.

-- Jon Callahan

Charmaine King wrote:
> Can you tell me the correct syntax for adding an external DODS dataset to my
> LAS web page?
> I want something that looks 'something' like:
> ../xml/perl/addXml.pl las.xml las.xml
>      http://www.cdc.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/nph-nc/Datasets/reynolds_sst/sst.mnmean.nc
> Charmaine King

Charmaine King wrote:
> All,
> I'm in the midst of setting up LAS/DODS web servers.
> How do I get outside DODS data into LAS?
> I found a LAS FAQ example that addresses an outside DODS dataset.  However,
> it uses a 'link match to the local machine'.
> ........
>    <variables>
>     <mnmean name="Monthly Means of SST" units="degC"
> url="http://www.cdc.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/nph-nc/Datasets/reynolds_sst/sst.mnmean.nc#
> sst">
>      <link match="/lasdata/grids/CDC_reynolds_sst_mnmean_LON_LAT_TIME_grid"/>
>     </mnmean>
> ............................
> How do I  create this ..LON_LAT_TIME_grid, or how can I find the grid file that
> sits in www.cdc.noaa.gov?
> Regards,
> Charmaine King

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