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LAS User Interface: Request For Comments

To all of you who use LAS,

We are in the process of redesigning the LAS User Interface to allow for
more maintainable code and more functionality.  During our discussions,
the following small issue was raised.

Right now, the View and Product selectors have a dependency:  the
available products depend on the view selected.  If you change the view
you may potentially change the available products.

We are wondering what it would be like the other way around:  having
product selection determine which views are available.

Do people decide they want plot output or ascii output and only want to
be shown the views available for each?  Or do people actually think in
terms of XYZT and want the products to be subordinate.

Your input is requested and will be considered.  However, we reserve the
right to do whatever we want in the end ;-)

Thanks in advance for your comments

-- Jonathan Callahan

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