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Re: Mirrored server


Either pick up the latest version of LAS via cvs (where this was fixed sometime ago), or apply
the following patch where pc.sirvin.com is replaced by the appropriate hostname:

diff -r1.3.2.2 LASDB.pm
<     $self->{db} = new LASDB::MySQL($login, $password, $host);
>     $self->{db} = new LASDB::MySQL($login, $password, 'pc.sirvin.com');
Roland Schweitzer wrote:


Well, huh.  I guess I'm smarter (or dumber) than I look.

Yes, I did make all those changes, however it only affected the configuration
process which serializes the information into the database.

I found the spot in LASTemplate.pm where the session management stuff gets it's
database connection.  I hard coded a host in there and that successfully moved
the session management db access from the local host to the remote host.

    my $args = {
        cgi => $cgi,
        DataSource => 'dbi:mysql:las:web1',
        UserName => 'las',
        Password => 'lasrules',
        CookieError => 'nocookies.html'

However, the connection that yanks the info out of the database to build the UI
still connects to the local host.

011003 10:36:57     183 Connect    las@localhost on las
                    183 Query      select dbase from map where
                    183 Quit

So far I've not been able to locate where this connection gets initialized so I
can intervene with a host name.  If I hack all the places in LASDB.pm where I
added a host argument and hard code the value to the remote host, everything
works so we're definitely on the right track...

Roland Schweitzer
NOAA-CIRES Climate Diagnostics Center           325 Broadway
NOAA/OAR/CDC - (R/CDC1)                         Boulder, CO 80303
.... (303) 497-6249 .... (303) 497-7013 FAX .... rhs@cdc.noaa.gov ....

Joe Sirott
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