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Re: Mirrored server

Hi Roland,

I'm assuming you're running on Solaris. If you type perror 151 on a Solaris machine, you get:

Stale NFS file handle

So, it looks like there's some problem with locking files over NFS.

Are you running MySQL servers on the two different machines that share MySQL database files via NFS? If so, you might try the alternative of running MySQL on one machine and configuring LAS to use MySQL remotely.

Roland Schweitzer wrote:


We have two machines that run as web servers.  Our primitive "load balancing"
scheme is to rotate via name service which one of them responds to a request
from the "www.cdc.noaa.gov" domain name.

The document hierarchy for the web server is mirrored from one host to the other
via rsync.

I installed a LAS on the primary host and the file hierarchy was duplicated on
the second host via the synchronization.

When a request is made from the primary host (either when it is its turn in the
rotation or when it is specified in the URL) LAS works correctly.

When the second host comes up in the rotation or when it is specified directly
in the URL the LAS user interface fails to load with the following error:

LAS Error

The following error message was received from LAS:

DBD::mysql::db selectall_arrayref failed: Can't lock file (errno: 151) at
../xml/perl/LASDB.pm line 124.

I've thought about trying running mysql without locking, but this may have
implications for other database use.  I've thought about configuring each
machine separately rather than duplicating the file hierarchy, though I assume
if the host that responds changes mid-session LAS will be missing some session
information an croak.

Any clue from those that know the internals how I might get around this error?

Roland Schweitzer
NOAA-CIRES Climate Diagnostics Center           325 Broadway
NOAA/OAR/CDC - (R/CDC1)                         Boulder, CO 80303
.... (303) 497-6249 .... (303) 497-7013 FAX .... rhs@cdc.noaa.gov ....

Joe Sirott
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