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problem with frontend sister server and "comparison" feature


There is a UI inconsistency problem in frontend sister server
when "comparison" feature is activated.

My setup:
frontend sister server:
	www.ecco-group.org/las ("comparison" feature is activated)
backend sister servers:
	eyre.jpl.nasa.gov/las ("comparison" feature is activated)
	ecco-las.ucsd.edu/las ("comparison" feature is NOT activated)
	channel.mit.eud/las   ("comparison" feature is NOT activated)

On frontend server (www.ecco-group.org/las),
if "comparison" button is NOT pressed, everything works fine.
But if it is, links to datasets served by some backend servers
on the left side menu will DISAPPEAR if the backend servers
happend not to be your choice at that moment.

My browser is Netscape. Communicator 4.75 on redhat 7.0

Anything that I have overlooked?



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