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virtual variable


I am trying to set up a virtual variable
following instructions in

However, LAS complains about:

No 'url' attribute specified for 'var' element at Ferret.pl line 82

The URLs are in fact specified in *.xml for real variables.

Any more detailed docs about this topic other than FAQ?

Attached please find relevant part of my *.xml file and ferret script
that defines the virtual variable.

Thanks in advance.


---------------- part of *.xml -----------------
        <Have_e units="meters" name="Sea Surface Height 1997"
         <link match="/lasdata/grids/jpl_2d_grid_1997"/>

        <Have_f units="meters" name="Sea Surface Height 1998"
         <link match="/lasdata/grids/jpl_2d_grid_1998"/>

        <Have_h units="meters" name="diff">
         <link match="/lasdata/grids/jpl_2d_grid_1998"/>

----------------- ferret script ./jnls/diff.jnl -------------

let/title="Difference"/units="maters" Have_h = Have_e - Have_f

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