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Re: Error loading LiveMap


Could be that asynchronous loading of the various LAS user interface pieces is causing your problem -- the JavaScript might be loading before the applet. This is handled in the standard LAS user interface by using a onLoad handler for the top frame. This handler isn't called until all frame components are loaded.

Roland Schweitzer wrote:


Roland Schweitzer wrote:

> I've been mucking around with the LAS user interface.  I've got things working
> pretty much the way I want, but I'm having a problem I don't understand.
> When the page loads, I get the "nojava.html" page and the following message in
> my Apache error log.
> [Thu Aug 16 15:48:57 2001] [error] [client] File does not exist:
> /lore1/www/httpd-test/htdocs/coads/las/ui/LiveMap/classes/LiveMap_30.class
> If I do the same thing over and over (a sign of insanity) and reload the page
> many times eventually it does something different (some computer's aren't
> supposed to do) and finally loads the page.
> Any hints what I messed up with I mucked with the user interface?

I did some digging and discovered that if I added debug output in the form of an
'alert' dialog box and then waited until the Java applet loaded before clicking
"OK" the applet would load correctly overtime.  So based on that I modified
las.js to repeatedly try to get the map object and to wait before trying again
if it fails.  Specifically, I changed:

  if (map == null){

to loop and wait in between trys (is the a pause or wait in JavaScript?):

  if (map == null){

    for (var i=0; i < 10; ++i){
       var map = top.frames.upper.document.map;
       if (map != null) {
        else {
           for ( var wait=0; wait<10; wait++ ) {
             var words;
             words[0] = "I am";
             words[1] = "On my way";
             words[2] = "Back";
             words[3] = "to";
             words[4] = "the";
             words[5] = "Old";
             words[6] = "Home";
             words[7] = "The";
             words[8] = "Road";
             words[9] = "Winds";
             words[10] = "On";
             var sorted;
             sorted = words.sort();

    if (map == null){


You can test the server by connecting to:


login:          las
password:       lasrules?

If you have problems, please let me know.  More importantly, if you don't have
problems let me know what you think of the interface.

Roland Schweitzer
NOAA-CIRES Climate Diagnostics Center           325 Broadway
NOAA/OAR/CDC - (R/CDC1)                         Boulder, CO 80303
.... (303) 497-6249 .... (303) 497-7013 FAX .... rhs@cdc.noaa.gov ....

Joe Sirott
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