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Re: Bug in isCoord? and prob with addXml.pl

To all,

All the scripts we've created for the various LAS servers on
ferret.wrc.noaa.gov are located in a central, web accessible
repository.  You can also find xml files and Ferret descriptor files.


An initialization script to increase memory is:


I'd encourage those with DODS servers to think about sharing their xml
files in a similar manner.  This would allow others to add data that you
maintain to their remote LAS interfaces.  Remote LAS sites would present
the interface to your data but requests for products would be sent to
your server.  This is what we call a 'sister server' relationship.

In our vision of the "Best of all possible worlds" every data set would
be maintained and served by its 'owner' but the metadata describing how
to access that data (xml configuration file as represented in an LAS
interface) would be available many places.

-- Jon

Joe Sirott wrote:

> I created a XML file from your DODS URL using the latest version of
> addXml, plugged into LAS and it works -- kind of. Ferret runs out of
> memory if you attempt to visualize the full geographical range; this
> is easily fixed by using a LAS <init_script> (see the documentation).
> I've attached the XML file for you to peruse.

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