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Re: Running LAS with GrADS as the visualization program

Joe Sirott wrote:
> I'm assuming that you're running a version of GrADS that
> is not publicly available 

Yes, that's true. I am using a special build of GrADS V1.8
that does have the printim capablility but not much else. I
will send it to you under separate cover -- I'd rather not
distribute it to the entire LAS user-community, especially
since it may be the source of my problems. 

> I did try your script using GrADS version 1.7 and ... It worked.

Huh! That is good, I guess. My LAS implementation may be OK,
but now my GrADS build is also suspect.

> Here are a few things to look at:
> ...If you're not
> going to use any of the CLC machinery for communicating
> with a child process, it would probably be easier to just
> use the "system" call in Perl to execute GrADS. 

Right! That makes it much simpler, as I really have no need
for the CLC protocol. I have implemented this change and I
can get it to work ... except for one little problem: on my
first request to 'get data' I see the text output from the
GrADS execution into the display window instead of an image.
The text is what I would see if I were to run the script
from my unix command line plus 2 lines of extra text: 

    Status: 302 Moved
    Location: <the URL of the .gif image to display>

If I then hit the "reload" button in the display window, the
image comes up. Is this another timing issue? 

Here's the URL:

Thanks for all your patience and help,

Jennifer Miletta Adams
Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies
4041 Powder Mill Road, Suite 302
Calverton, MD 20705-3106
Phone: (301)902-1278 or (301)595-7000
Fax:   (301)595-9793
Email: jma@cola.iges.org

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