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Re: minor LAS bug report


We tracked this bug down earlier and here's what I noted:

"This bug is a result of the POSIX::fmod() function incorrectly
returning a zero  in the filterLabel subroutine in Ferret.pl.  I wonder
if this is an OSF only problem?"
So this is a bug we're going to leave in there and hope that future perl
upgrades fix it.  Or you could write your own fmod() function if you
really want it fixed.

-- Jon

Lynn deWitt wrote:
> Jonathan,
>        I've finally made our LAS v5 our public server (ie I took v4
> offline) and was testing some things.  I noticed that when you do a
> time-series comparison plot with the gif overlay option that somehow
> the longitude information doesn't make it to the plot label.
> Attached is a plot I made on your LAS (ferret.wrc.noaa.gov/las) of
> monthly air and sea temperature.  Notice top labels. - should have
> been 145 W for both.  Latitude labels are fine.     Lynn

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