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Re: updating datasets on Las


I'm cc'ing my response to the LAS users' group where such questions
should be directed.  The questions and answers are archived there for
others to find.

First off I recommend that everyone use XML includes to keep their
dataset XML in separate files.  An FAQ describing this exists here:


Using XML includes allows you to separate the XML files for each dataset
so that you don't need to use delXml.pl -- you simply remove my_data.xml
and regenerate it.  It looks like you have the rest of it working.

I'm sure that there would be many people interested in any
semi-automated solutions you come up with for scheduled updates of the
LAS interface.  You're not the only one to confront this problem.

-- Jonathan Callahan

PS__ We'd love to have a look at your LAS site.  What's the URL?

Mark Rehbein wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using LAS as a tool for displaying/exploring our NOAA SST data.  I
> wish to update the netcdf file that holds this data by appending a daily
> average of the images collected for the day.  I do this using ferret.
> I then need to update the las XML file and GUI (javascript).  From the
> documentation I gather that I should do the following (I have found a
> perl script called delXml.pl that isn't documented:
> # first remove dataset that is to be update.  What is url????
> $lasroot/server/xml/perl/delXml.pl las.xml las.xml url????
> # second add the dataset to be updated.  This is cool
> $lasroot/server/xml/perl/addXml.pl las.xml las.xml /a/foo.cdf
> # regenerate javascript/GUI stuff.  This is cool
> $lasroot/server/xml/perl/genLas2.pl -d ../ui las.xml
> I'm not sure how to use delXml.pl to remove the dataset from the xml
> file.  I'm not sure what the url is or how to find it.  I couldn't find an
> example of using delXml.pl so if possible could you please explain this to
> me with an example of how I would update say the COADS climatology.
> Thanks in advance
> Mark
> Mark Rehbein
> Intranet Developer
> Australian Institute of Marine Science

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