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LAS Users' Get Together at the AGU in Boston

Announcing an LAS Users' Get Together at the AGU in Boston

Chuck Hakkarinen of the Electric Power Research Institute
has graciously offered to sponsor a Birds of a Feather 
lunch gathering immediately following the Wednesday talks
at the Spring AGU meeting in Boston next week.  This will
be a great opportunity for those using or interested in 
using LAS.  We will meet in a conference room with a 
catered lunch for 30.  (Sorry, no internet access in this

This gathering will follow three separate presentations
involving LAS and Ferret at this AGU meeting:

      "Accessing Multidimensional Earth Science Data with
       the Live Access Server"
      Tuesday, May 29'th at 14:15 in session ED22A.

      ARCAS (ACACIA Regional Climate-data Access System)"
      Wednesday, May 30'th at 11:20 in session A31D.

      "An Overview of the Live Access Server"
      Wednesday, May 30'th at 11:35 in session A31D.

I look forward to this chance to meet with users of LAS 
and Ferret and to hear comments from you.  I intend to 
give a short presentation of current and planned 
enhancements to LAS/Ferret but I'd like to devote most of
the time to your questions and comments.  This will be a
great chance for you to discuss issues with other users
and help direct our future work.

I'm hoping a few of you will be able to give an overview
of how you have adapted LAS to the needs at your site.
Some of your work may be very useful to other folks at
this gathering.

I look forward to meeting you all.

-- Jonathan Callahan

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