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Re: comparison plots


Below is a diff where I disabled this check on one of our servers.  The
file in question is lasxml/ui/LASTemplate.pm.

Although comparison across sister sites will often work, there are a
couple of unknowns when requesting sister variables, particularly
virtual variables, for comparison:

o Does the sister variable depend upon specific (remote) Ferret .jnl
o Does the sister variable depend upon (remote and platform specific)
external functions?

We don't yet have a framework for easily sharing all of this information
so we opted to disable sister comparisons for now.  Perhaps a higher
priority feature would be the ability to reorganize, the data sets on
the left hand side.  We understand that alphabetical by dataset title
isn't always the most useful!

-- Jon

diff -r1.16 LASTemplate.pm
<       if (defined $self->{configid} && $self->{configid} != $count){
<           $obj->setVisible(0);
<         }
>         # JC_HACK to allow comparison between sister servers.
>       #if (defined $self->{configid} && $self->{configid} != $count){
>       #    $obj->setVisible(0);
>         #}

Dave Brown wrote:
> Hi all,
> One of the LAS sites I have set up uses the simulated "sister site"
> trick (as described in the FAQ) to organize the datsets into categories
> separated by the blue category headings.
> Now, however, the users have discovered that the comparison feature
> does not work between different categories, which turns out to be a
> show-stopper for them. It seems understandable that the comparison feature
> has not yet been implemented for data across real sister sites. However,
> in this case, where the datasets are only being separated for
> organizational purposes, is there a way to work around this restriction
> and have the comparison window show all the dataset categories?
> Thanks,
>  -Dave Brown
>  dbrown@ucar.edu

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