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precision of coordinate bounds in LiveMap applet


In its default state with a global map, the LiveMap applet seems to
resolve a region picked with the rubber box to the nearest whole degree.
The numbers that appear for coordinate bounds seem always to have a 
a single '0' after the decimal point. But if the map represents a 
smaller area of the globe, rubber box selections can result in values
such as 44.400000000000006 N appearing in the coordinate bound text boxes.
The complete value is not visible in the text box and particularly on
unix systems, where the number is right-justified, it is confusing for
the user. Am I correct that it would require mods to the LiveMap applet
source to change this behavior? It seems that formatted output with the 
significant digits limited to 4 or 5 would be a desirable enhancement 
for these text fields.
Any plans for this, Jon?

Dave Brown

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