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problem with LAS 5 install


I have run into a problem trying to install LAS 5.0. As a start, I
tried accepting the default option of have the LAS install a default
las.xml file, but the configure script quits with the following error

You can set the server up to use the sample COADS climatology and Levitus
climatology datasets that are distributed with Ferret.
Do you want to do this? [yes]
Generating HTML...
Generating dataset COADS Climatology
Generating dataset Levitus Climatology
Serializing file:/opt/las/las5/server/las.xml to database
Building indexes...
Resolving links...
link not child of element at ../xml/perl//LASDB.pm line 399.
[Tue Mar 27 19:32:02 2001] configure.pl: Error in generating HTML.


The mysql install seemed to be successful -- all the tests in the 
sql-bench suite completed with output reasonably within the range of
the comparison files for the architecture (SunOS_5.8_sun4u). The
only non-defaults I specified for the configuration were the names of
the las directories (las replaced everywhere with las5), and the
creation of the "custom" directories.


 -Dave Brown

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