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Re: 20010313: LAS/Ferret data load question

Hi Billy,

LAS questions should be sent to las_users@ferret.wrc.noaa.gov; the Unidata folks can answer DODS or netCDF questions.

Have you had a chance to look at the updated documentation that went out with version 5 of LAS? It's in README.html in the LAS tarball; it's also available online at  http://ferret.wrc.noaa.gov/Ferret/LAS/README.html
The architecture section describes how XML files are used in LAS, and the Understanding/modifying the XML configuration file section describes the syntax of a LAS XML configuration file.

You only have to worry about the XML configuration file when you add or remove datasets. Datasets are added by adding new tags to the XML configuration file, as described in the LAS documentation. Once you have changed the XML file, you need to run the genLas2.pl program. This program generates the user interface (which will be downloaded to the user's Web browser), and stores the XML in a MySQL database.

Ethan Davis wrote:

> From: "Wood, Billy" <woodb@navo.navy.mil>
> Organization: Naval Oceanographic Office
> Keywords: 200101312322.f0VNMKX26890 #120 DODS SGI www-int LAS/Ferret

Hi Billy,

This is a LAS question more than DODS. So I'm CCing the LAS/Ferret folks
out at PMEL. Hopefully, they will be able to help you out.


"Wood, Billy" wrote:
> Hello Ethan,
> We currently have our DODS system running on a Sun 1000 system and are
> working on setting up the LAS/Ferret software. We have been having some
> problems loading all the modules that are required for the software.
> I am not sure about how to go about adding our products (netcdf data
> files) to our system so that they can be accessed by the LAS/Ferret
> software.
> Is the MySQL database used by the LAS/Ferret software to display the
> products available, or is it only used to build the XML file(s). At
> what time are the XML files used. Are they used to build the screen
> display prior to access by the remote user or are they downloaded to
> the user for use in generating the screen display.
> I am trying to get a better handle on how we are going to have to
> manage/load information on our server at the end of each product
> model run.
> Thanks,
> Billy Wood
> woodb@navo.navy.mil
> (228) 688-4638

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Joe Sirott
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