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Main URL when Grouping

I have been following the FAQ about grouping data sets by creating
seperate xml files for each group.  The Institution Name in each of these
specifies the title for the group.  However, the main "served by" Name is
now taken from the first xml file that I specify on the genLas2.pl command

For instance I have two groups set up now:

	Pacific Ocean
	Penobscot Bay

For each data set it now says:

	"data_set" served by Pacific Ocean

above the currently selected variable for that data set.

I had assumed that it would get it from the las.xml file since the FAQ
says that that file still is needed.

I have checked with other sites that do grouping and they seem to be
correct so I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong.

Thanks for your help.

 Steve Cousins                 Email: cousins@umit.maine.edu
 Research Associate            Phone: (207) 581-4302
 Ocean Modeling Group
 School of Marine Sciences     208 Libby Hall
 University of Maine           Orono, Maine 04469

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